Brutal death of a dog in an illegal shelter

Brutal death of one dog in an illegal shelter was brought into the notice of team Farishtey. Upon scrutinizing the case, we found out that this was an illegal shelter under the roof of an abandoned building which was in a very critical condition with broken floors, ceiling ready to fall anytime.

This poor dog was chained few ft. above the ground which caused her life. She died hanging in her own chain in a very brutal way trying to escape for her life. Our team visited the shelter and found there were 15-20 dogs, all caged and tied with lease. They were covered in their own urine and stinked badly. There were poops around due to dogs being chained in a very small area. Similar condition was found for the cats and every animal there was caged/chained without any care taker and electricity (as it was an abandoned building). The dogs /cats were caged/chained all nights in dark.

Further more it was confirmed that evey week 2-3 dogs/cats die at this shelter. Although lot of animal activist tried to close down this shelter however nothing worked.

FARISHTEY team was notified about this incident and with the help of MLA Mrs. GEETA JAIN & the District magistrate – Swarajya safai kaamgar sena Maharashtra (Vice president) Mr. UDAY PARSEKAR our team closed this shelter permanently. The local police issued a notice to the lady owner who runs this shelter by warning her that an action would be taken against her if she opens the shelter somewhere else.